Breast Implants


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Procedure Preparation Post Surgery

breastaug1 The incision can be made in several different locations:

  • Transaxillary – under the arm
  • Peri-areolar – around the areola
  • Inframammary – hidden within the crease beneath the breast

breast_aug2 The implant will be placed either:

  • Submuscular – below your chest muscle
  • Subglandular – above your chest muscle

Helpful Articles About Breast Implants The following articles are purely informational and are meant to provide insight to breast augmentation surgeries. We recommend that any questions or concerns you have, you discuss with one of our doctors at Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery. Every patient’s situation is unique from one another and only can your doctor can truly assess your situation. » Recovering from Breast Implants – Linked from » Plastic Surgery and Breast Augmentation after having a baby – Linked from Breast Implants and Pregnancy – Linked from Breast Plastic Surgery And Breast Implants – Tips For Women Considering Breast Augmentation Linked from Ezine Articles Read the FDA Breast Implant Consumer Handbook Courtesy of the FDA web site

Jacksonville Breast Implants

Breast Implant Surgery in Jacksonville & Ponte Vedra Beach Florida

Are you unhappy with the size and shape of your breasts? Then turn to our respected surgeons in Ponte Vedra, Florida for a breast implants consultation. As one of the most trusted team of surgeons in Jacksonville and beyond, we can help you regain your confidence in the way you feel about your body. Whether you have never had the volume you have always wanted or your breasts have lost their luster over time, breast implants have been reported to improve self image, increase self confidence, allow you to feel more feminine, and feel more physically attractive when you don those low-cut tops, swimwear, and lingerie. In Ponte Vedra, Florida, there are a lot of options in plastic surgeons who perform breast implant surgery. How do you know which one is right for you? Our team of trained, board-certified plastic surgeons can put your mind at ease. Each one of our plastics surgeons are constantly staying abreast within the cosmetic and plastic surgery industry with innovative plastic surgery procedures and techniques and are well-trained in all facets of plastic surgery, reconstructive plastic surgery and non-surgical cosmetic med spa procedures. For your breast implant surgery, you have two options available to you depending on your personal preference and which will be a better fit for your body.

Breast implant options include:

Saline breast implants: Saline implants are filled with sterile salt water and are pre-filled to an agreed size. It may also be filled at the time of the surgery due to any minor adjustments that may need to be done. Silicone filled breast implants: Silicone implants are comprised of soft, elastic gel. It is filled prior to surgery and requires a longer incision for proper placement. It’s important to discuss all of the necessary essentials of breast implant surgery with your doctor. You will need to have a complete understanding of the recovery process and risks. The recovery and risk factors will be dependent upon you, so speak to our plastic surgeon today regarding your personal medical history. If you’re looking to improve rather than perfect, then breast implant surgery may be right for you. If you’re physically healthy and realistic in your expectations, then contact us today for a consultation.

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