Post Gastric Bypass Surgery and Post Major Weight Loss Surgery

Body Contouring After Surgery and Major Weight Loss

gas-bypass-001 Patients who have had dramatic weight loss either from dieting, exercise, and/or bariatric surgery have embarked on a major life altering journey. Many medical benefits of dramatic weight loss are well documented including improvement of diabetes control, reduction in heart disease including blood pressure control and risk for heart attack, reduction in joint pain, etc. While this can dramatically improve the patient’s sense of well-being both physically and emotionally, it is often offset by new concerns about their body image. They are left with areas of sagging/loose skin creating irregular body contours and an imbalance in body proportions. This often leads to new concerns about body image and diminished self-confidence. The skin, which has been severely stretched, lacks elasticity and will not conform to the patient’s smaller body frame. Many patients have the feeling that their weight loss journey is not quite complete. The aim of body contouring surgery after major weight loss is to significantly reduce the areas of excess skin and fat resulting from the major weight loss. This results in improvement in body shape and tone removing stretch marks and smoothing contours. As a result, the patient experiences improved body image and self-confidence thus completing their journey. Good candidates for this surgery have achieved a stable weight, have no major medical problems, are nonsmokers, and have realistic goals.

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The first step toward body contouring surgery is consultation with a qualified surgeon. All of the gastric-bypass-002surgeons at Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery are board certified with the American Board of Plastic Surgeons and active members of the American Society of Plastic Surgery and the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. They all have extensive experience in the surgical management of major weight loss patients. The consultation will involve establishing your goals for body contouring, obtaining a medical history and physical, a thorough review of different treatment options including discussion of risks and potential complications, and, if appropriate, scheduling of surgery.

Some patients are surprised to learn of the extent of plastic surgery that is required to return their body back to a more normal and aesthetic appearance. Very often the magnitude of procedures will necessitate the surgery being done in stages. Some patient’s are only interested in contouring certain body areas. Many will be interested in “total body lifts”. This can include tummy tuck, lower body lift, thigh/buttock lift, breast augmentation, breast lift, upper arm lift, as well as face and neck procedures. The links below will provide greater detail for specific procedures. Given the dramatic changes in overall body contour, patients should expect to have visibility of scars, some unevenness of contour, very often requiring minor revisionary surgery. The recovery period will vary from person to person and is based on the extent of surgery. Most patients are surprised at how quickly they are back to full activities.

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gastric-bypass-003If you would like to make consultation appointment, please call 904-273-6200. When you call, mention to our staff that you read this information on our website and receive a complimentary surgical consultation ($100 value).

Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery is committed to providing our patients with the most comprehensive body contouring surgery available. Our surgeries are all done in a state-of-the-art ambulatory surgery center providing the highest quality care in a discreet atmosphere. For more information on our surgery center, click here.

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