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Meet Our Team

56 Team Members
  • Taylor DeMaio

    Taylor DeMaio

    Registered Nurse

  • Lisa Herbst

    Lisa Herbst

    Registered Nurse

  • Mandee Elliott

    Mandee Elliott

    Registered Nurse

  • Tiffany Belton

    Tiffany Belton

    Surgical Technician

  • Amanda Belle

    Amanda Belle

    Surgical Technician

  • Sophia Albright

    Sophia Albright

    Patient Concierge

  • Angie Ortiz

    Angie Ortiz

    Patient Concierge

  • Yenesis Ortiz

    Yenesis Ortiz

    Patient Concierge

  • Brittany Cherry

    Brittany Cherry

    Patient Concierge

  • Shayla Brandt

    Shayla Brandt

    Medical Assistant

  • Mandy Holsinger

    Mandy Holsinger

    Marketing & Events Specialist

  • Dr. Brett Snyder*

    Dr. Brett Snyder*


    Dr. Brett Snyder is a Northeast Florida board-certified plastic surgeon who performs a variety of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery procedures.

  • Dr. Cayce Rumsey*

    Dr. Cayce Rumsey*


    A Northeast Florida board-certified plastic surgeon and founder of Ponte Vedra, Dr. Rumsey provides cosmetic surgery for the face, body and breast.

  • Dr. Robert Burk*

    Dr. Robert Burk*


    Dr. Robert Burk III is a board-certified Northeast Florida plastic surgeon who performs a variety of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery procedures.

  • Dr. Erez Sternberg

    Dr. Erez Sternberg


    Dr. Erez Sternberg, a double board-certified Northeast Florida plastic surgeon, performs a variety of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery procedures.

  • Sharon Prince

    Sharon Prince

    Nurse Practitioner, BSN, CNOR

    Sharon Prince is a Registered Nurse at PVPS. She believes this office implements best practices in surgical and aesthetic techniques.

  • Rosalie Silva

    Rosalie Silva

    Registered Nurse

    Rosalie Silva is a well-trained Registered Nurse and the nurse to Dr. Snyder, where she assists Dr. Snyder in implementing customized treatment plans.

  • Dr. Hollie Hickman

    Dr. Hollie Hickman


    Dr. Hollie Hickman is a board-certified Northeast Florida plastic surgeon who provides a variety of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery procedures.

  • Jennifer Thurman-Olivieri

    Jennifer Thurman-Olivieri

    BSN, RN

    Jennifer is Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery's SculpSure provider and is pursuing an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner degree.

  • Melissa Fraley

    Melissa Fraley

    Registered Nurse, BSN

    A Registered Nurse with a BSN, Melissa Fraley, is Dr. Rumsey’s nurse. In her position, Melissa provides care throughout the surgical process.

  • Connie Jongewaard

    Connie Jongewaard

    Nurse Practitioner

    Connie Jongewaard is a Nurse Practitioner who specializes in non-invasive procedures for aesthetic rejuvenation.

  • Carol Mikell

    Carol Mikell

    Registered Nurse

    Carol Mikell is a high-performing Registered Nurse who works closely with our doctors in providing the best possible care and results to our patients.

  • Ashley Michaux

    Ashley Michaux

    Nurse Practitioner

    Under the guidance of Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery’s talented surgeons, Ashley has developed her skills as a provider of aesthetic treatments.

  • Stacy Fachko

    Stacy Fachko

    Registered Nurse

    Stacey Fachko is Dr. Hickman’s Nurse, so she works closely with the doctor to assist in every stage of the surgical process for quality results.

  • Robin McBride

    Robin McBride

    Registered Nurse, BA

    Robin McBride is a Registered Nurse who works closely with Dr. Sternberg and the other doctors at PVPS to provide the best possible patient care.

  • Claudette Walker

    Claudette Walker

    Nurse Practitioner

    As an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner, Claudette shares a holistic philosophy with her patients.

  • Lindsay Surrency

    Lindsay Surrency

    Patient Concierge Manager

  • Crystal Exum

    Crystal Exum

    Registered Nurse, CNOR

    Crystal Exum is a Registered Nurse that has been with PVPS for more than 15 years. She assists patients before, during, and after surgery.

  • Beth Naff

    Beth Naff

    Registered Nurse

    Beth Naff has 15 years of experience working with the doctors and staff at Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery Center as a licensed Registered Nurse.

  • Donna Vandervelde

    Donna Vandervelde

    Recovery Room RN

    Donna Vandervelde is a Recovery Room Registered Nurse. She has more than 13 years of recovery room nursing experience with our PVPS team.

  • Taryn Rexroad

    Taryn Rexroad

    RN, Surgical Tech

    Taryn Rexroad, a Registered Nurse and Surgical Tech, is hands-on in the O.R., providing care to patients to ensure safety and superior results.

  • Suzi Veal

    Suzi Veal

    LPN - Clinic Manager

    Licensed Practical Nurse, Susannah “Suzi” Veal, is our Clinic Manager, who oversees our day-to-day operations and ensures things are running smoothly.

  • Rena Falzone

    Rena Falzone

    Medical Assistant

    Rena Falzone is one of our trained Medical Assistants in our PVPS office. She makes sure all patients in her care are at ease the day of surgery.

  • Elizabeth Gardner

    Elizabeth Gardner

    Medical Assistant

    Elizabeth Gardner is a Medical Assistant for Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery. She prepares and sets up operating rooms and instruments for surgery.

  • Heather Brown

    Heather Brown

    Operating Room Tech

    Heather Brown is a trained Operating Room Tech. She intuitively assists the surgeons with the technical aspects of each surgical procedure.

  • Eryn Smith

    Eryn Smith

    Certified Surgical Technician

    Eryn Smith is a Certified Surgical Technician. She preps the operating room with care and aids surgeons before and after operations are complete.

  • Viola Sims

    Viola Sims

    Surgical Technologist

    Viola Sims is one of our certified Surgical Technologists. She assists our seasoned plastic surgeons and surgical team in the operating room.

  • Michelle Besner

    Michelle Besner

    Medical Assistant

    Michelle Besner assists our surgeons as a Medical Assistant. She has extensive knowledge of surgical instruments and operating room procedures.

  • Erica Henley

    Erica Henley

    Cert. Surgical Technologist

    Erica Henley is a Certified Surgical Technologist who is part of the operating room team and is instrumental in prepping the O.R. prior to surgery.

  • Chris Weber

    Chris Weber


    Chris is master certified in micro-needling as well as certified in all chemical peels

  • Debra Knight

    Debra Knight


    She continually strives to advance her Aesthetic education and skills

  • Kim Lindsey

    Kim Lindsey


    Kim's goal is to use her knowledge to help her fellow Amelia Island neighbors achieve their cosmetic goals.

  • Alison Kuzoian

    Alison Kuzoian


    Alison believes PVPS to be one of the best practices in the industry and she is excited to utilize her skills and knowledge for our patients.

  • Mary Daley

    Mary Daley


  • Monica Cribb

    Monica Cribb

    Surgery Center Materials Mgr.

    Monica Crib began her career as Surgery Center Materials Manager and Surgical Tech more than 18 years ago with Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery.

  • Kelly Parkes-Wilson

    Kelly Parkes-Wilson

    Surgery Center Administrator

    Kelly Parkes-Wilson, RN, is currently the Surgery Center Administrator at PVPS where she upholds and maintains the center’s rigorous standards.

  • Amy Kadlubowski

    Amy Kadlubowski

    Nurse Practitioner

  • Robin J. Solomon

    Robin J. Solomon


    Robin J. Solomon is the PVPS Office Accountant. She is responsible for all of the office accounting, bookkeeping and financial records.

  • Beth Griffin

    Beth Griffin

    Patient Care Coordinator

    I joined Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery as a Front Desk Patient Concierge in September 2008.

  • Jess Couch

    Jess Couch

    Patient Care Coordinator

    She has been a part of the Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery team since 2012 and has more than 14 years of experience in the industry.

  • Nancy Woody

    Nancy Woody

    Patient Care Coordinator

    It is both her honor and pleasure to have worked for Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery since October of 2003.

  • Corinne Howard

    Corinne Howard

    Public Relations Director

    She has had the honor and privilege of working for Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery for nearly ten years.

  • Lori Reedy

    Lori Reedy

    Sr. Patient Concierge, MA

    Lori Reedy, the Sr. Patient Concierge at PVPS, performs a number of duties, including creating and maintaining consent forms.

  • Naomi Horton

    Naomi Horton

    Patient Concierge

    Naomi Horton is a Patient Concierge at Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery Center, where she is proud to schedule appointments and act as a patient resource.

  • Lynette Benoit

    Lynette Benoit

    Patient Concierge

    Lynette Benoit is Ponte Vedra’s Patient Concierge, where she’s tasked with ensuring a pleasant experience for all patients from beginning to end.

  • Dana Work

    Dana Work

    Patient Concierge

    Dana Work works a Patient Concierge at Ponte Vedra where she uses her friendly and outgoing nature to provide stellar customer service for patients.