CONFESSIONS OF AN EXPERT: What's Inside Andrea Bailey’s Beauty Cabinet?

 Andrea Andrea Bailey Aesthetician/Skin Care Specialist  

Dear reader,

My name is Andrea Bailey and I wanted to take a moment to share with you my skin care regimen. Here at PVPS we stand by our commitment to our patients by insuring you get the results you expect. We are able to assist in your expectations by insuring we give you the proper regimens that will work for you based on your concerns and skin type. My main concern is age prevention and age reversal. My skin is oily, which is caused by overactive sebaceous activity (technically rosacea.) With this in mind, suppressing oil production, inflammation and aging is key to my personal complexion success. I have found the perfect combination of products that are aggressive without exacerbating inflammation. My regimen currently consists of ZO SkinHealth by Obagi and we carry this line in our office. Below you will find my morning and night skin care regimen.  




ZO FoamaCleanse with Clarisonic ZO FoamaCleanse with Clarisonic
ZO Exfoliating Polish ZO Brightenex
ZO Cebatrol ZO Retamax
ZO C-Bright ZO Intense Eye Repair
ZO Glycogent ZO Serum Growth Factor Serum (Neck only)
ZO Daily Power Defense
ZO SPF 30+Primer
ZO Intense Eye Repair
ZO Serum Growth Factor Serum (Neck only)

If you are interested in having your own skin care regimen, call our office today to schedule your complimentary consultation with Aesthetician Andrea Bailey at our South-side location.


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