Does A Tummy Tuck Get Rid Of Abdominal Stretch Marks?

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Despite a healthy diet and regular exercise routine, many men and women find it difficult – or even impossible – to achieve the smooth, firm, sleek midsection they want. For women who have had children and patients who have experienced significant weight loss, stubborn fat, excess skin, and stretch marks are among the most problematic obstacles that prevent them from reaching their ultimate aesthetic goals. Fortunately, tummy tuck surgery offers men and women the life-changing opportunity to address all of these concerns and more with gorgeous, long-lasting results.

The exceptional team of board-certified plastic surgeons at Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery is highly experienced in the complexities of tummy tuck surgery and is dedicated to helping Jacksonville, FL patients look and feel better than ever through the most innovative, effective, and cutting-edge cosmetic techniques and tools available. To find out if tummy tuck may be right for you, learn more here about how the procedure works and what results are possible.

What are the reasons for a tummy tuck?

Men and women across the country pursue tummy tuck surgery for a variety of reasons, though it is most commonly used to address excess skin, fat, and other complaints associated with pregnancy, childbirth, weight loss, and aging.

What does a tummy tuck do?

A tummy tuck, formally known as abdominoplasty, is a fairly extensive surgical procedure designed to sculpt a flatter, smoother, firmer midsection for patients who have excess skin, stubborn fat, or weakened muscles due to pregnancy, weight loss, or simply as a result of aging. During a tummy tuck procedure, the surgeon will utilize a variety of techniques tailored to the patient’s specific concerns and goals, including liposuction, skin excision, and more. Some of the most compelling improvements that can be made with abdominoplasty include:

  • Smoother abdominal contour
  • Fat reduction
  • Removal of loose, excess skin
  • Tightening of abdominal muscles
  • Correction of diastasis recti (separated abdominal muscles)
  • Repositioning the belly button
  • Fixing a hernia

During your consultation at Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery, one of our knowledgeable and caring surgeons will discuss your specific goals at length, evaluate your areas of concern, and answer all of your questions in detail before recommending a customized surgical plan that will best fit your needs.

Does a tummy tuck get rid of stretch marks?

Stretch marks can be a frustrating consequence of pregnancy, weight fluctuation, and other events. Even after losing the weight associated with pregnancy or breastfeeding, many women are left with stretch marks as a lingering reminder of their former body. Stretch marks can also prevent men and women from feeling comfortable in certain styles of clothing or swimsuits, preventing them from enjoying many social situations or even feeling confident with their partners.

Understandably, many patients wonder if a tummy tuck will improve stretch marks while also addressing their other concerns. Because a tummy tuck involves the removal of excess skin, oftentimes, many of the stretch marks are also removed during this process. Furthermore, the surgeon will pull the remaining skin tight over the abdomen and secure it with sutures, helping to smooth out stretch marks. However, it is important for Jacksonville, FL patients to have realistic expectations about their procedure and understand that while a tummy tuck can certainly help with the appearance of stretch marks, it is not designed primarily as a stretch mark treatment. During your consultation at Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery, make sure to ask your surgeon about the additional stretch mark treatments we offer to help get your skin as smooth, firm, and gorgeous as possible.

Can I combine a tummy tuck with other procedures?

Absolutely! The tummy tuck is often performed alongside additional procedures for a more dramatic, full-body transformation in a single surgical setting. For instance, many women combine their tummy tuck surgery with breast augmentation as part of a mommy makeover, while after weight loss patients often pair tummy tuck with an arm lift, thigh lift, or lower body lift.

How long does a tummy tuck last?

One of the most important factors in maintaining your tummy tuck results for as long as possible is to avoid weight fluctuations. For this reason, it is recommended that women wait until they are done having children to undergo tummy tuck surgery. When patients maintain a healthy, stable weight through diet and exercise, the results of a tummy tuck can often last indefinitely.

Am I a good candidate for a tummy tuck?

Most men and women who are in good health, at a stable weight, and do not smoke can be considered for tummy tuck surgery, though it is important to be evaluated by a qualified, certified, and experienced plastic surgeon to ensure that the procedure is appropriate for you. Call the friendly team at Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery to schedule your one-on-one consultation with one of our renowned board-certified plastic surgeons, or take advantage of a virtual consultation from the privacy and comfort of your own home to learn how a tummy tuck can finally help you achieve the body you’ve always wanted or restore the figure you once had. Don’t struggle with anxiety over stretch marks and excess skin any longer; call our Ponte Vedra Beach, FL office today, and take back control of your life, look better than ever, and feel more confident in your own skin with a tummy tuck!

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