Learn What A Mini Facelift Can Do For You

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It's no secret that plastic surgery is a popular way to refresh your look. But what if you want minor changes that appear natural and subtle? If you find that sagging skin is making it difficult for you to look and feel youthful, don't despair! A mini facelift can help you reach your aesthetic goals with less invasive surgery. Learn why so many men and women request a mini facelift when scheduling an assessment at Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery. We can discuss the anti-aging benefits in Jacksonville, FL.

What is a mini facelift?

As we get older, our collagen levels slowly decline, causing some loss of skin elasticity and firmness. If you have sagging skin in the mid-face or mild to moderate jowls, a mini facelift can help. A mini facelift, also called a “Quicklift” or “Lifestyle Lift,” is a procedure that removes excess skin to address issues, like sagging, that make you appear older. It's not as extensive as other options, such as a traditional or deep plane facelift.

What can I expect from a mini facelift?

During your consultation with Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery, you can discuss your goals for cosmetic surgery. It’s important to be completely honest, so our specialists can make sure this procedure is right for you. We may also ask questions about your health or any current medications that could affect your outcomes.

All of our facelift procedures are performed at an accredited surgical facility. The length of surgery varies depending on your unique treatment plan, but it can take between 3 – 4 hours to perform. Our team will let you know whether you can return home after plastic surgery or if we want you to stay the night for observation.

How long does it take to recover?

The good news about a mini facelift is that you won't need to spend as much time recovering from this procedure. Other techniques, such as a traditional facelift or deep plane facelift, take longer to heal. Most people in Jacksonville, FL return to work looking and feeling refreshed without looking like they had any “work” done. Remember to follow your surgeon’s aftercare instructions for best outcomes.

How long do mini facelift results last?

The results of a mini facelift can last for up to ten years, depending on your age and degree of skin laxity. Patients can extend their mini facelift results by taking care of their skin and following a consistent skin care regimen at home. This includes wearing sunscreen and avoiding excess sun exposure when you can.

Patients can also return to Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery for additional anti-aging procedures as needed. For example, BOTOX®, dermal fillers, microdermabrasion, and chemical peels are all examples of treatments that smooth out wrinkles and fine lines after your mini facelift. You can also return to our office for a traditional facelift or deep plane facelift years after your original surgery.

Look and feel younger with a mini facelift

Getting a mini facelift is actually an investment in yourself. If you’re ready to address sagging skin and other common signs of aging, our trusted staff at Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery can tell if a mini facelift is right for you. We want to ensure that your mini facelift results are not only long-lasting but also life-changing! Call us in Jacksonville, FL today so we can discuss all aspects of this beneficial anti-aging procedure.

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