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No Pain, No Gain? Not So with Fractional Laser Treatment

Laser Treatment

Laser technology has become integral to the medical care delivered today. Different laser devices have been developed for specific purposes. In the hands of a skilled clinician, lasers can be used to address just about any skin condition that you may encounter.

The original laser treatments that were used for aesthetic improvement tended to be ablative in nature. Ablative laser treatment is conducted to remove the outermost layer of skin cells. Additionally, underlying tissues are heated in order to promote the regeneration of collagen fibers to achieve tighter, more radiant skin. An approach that can ultimately improve the tone, texture, and elasticity of the skin, ablative treatment is also not without certain disadvantages. These include a risk of discoloration, scarring, and infection. Less severe side effects include prolonged redness and swelling in the treatment area.

Fractional Laser Treatment: A Gentler Approach

The development of fractional laser devices has been a significant improvement in the way we address cosmetic and dermatologic concerns. This method can achieve beautiful results, but with a much lesser degree of risk and side effects.

Fractional laser resurfacing is a non-ablative treatment that is intended for collagen rebuilding. Collagen is vital to the overall appearance of the skin, yet the body makes less and less as it ages. With fractional lasers, we stimulate collagen production without taking off the top layer of skin. The gentler approach results in gradual improvement with only minimal redness that lasts a few days.

How Fractional Laser Treatment Works

Unlike traditional lasers, the fractional device emits thousands of beams of light rather than one. Each column is only a fraction of the size of a hair follicle. Because only micro-areas of the skin are affected by the laser, there is a heightened response from healthy surrounding tissues in the restructuring of collagen.

In addition to the collagen stimulation that is compounded by healthy skin, the minimal disruption to cells promotes a faster recovery. The gentleness of fractional laser resurfacing causes progressive improvement in the appearance of melasma, hyperpigmentation from sun damage, rough texture, and fine lines and wrinkles. One to two sessions may be scheduled, depending on the desired outcome.

Like other laser treatments, fractional lasers are varied in what they are designed to do. Whereas one may be chosen to address photoaging, another type may be selected for wrinkle-reduction.

At Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery, you can find surgical and non-surgical solutions to your aesthetic concerns.

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