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Post-Surgery Care

Surgery can be a scary thing but if you know how to properly take care of yourself post-surgery then you will recover in no time. Of course, every surgery is different and calls for specific ways to recover but there are some general things that everyone can do after surgery to try and ensure a recovery that is easy and as painless as possible.

Take your pain medication as prescribed. Even though you may be in some pain you do not want to take more than directed. Try and drink a lot of fluids, water being the best. Staying hydrated will keep you from feeling worse and help your body recover as fast as possible. It might be hard to do this since you will most likely be lying in your bed or on your sofa but eat a balanced diet. Foods that are high in protein are best because they will build up your strength and help your body heal faster. Not eating enough protein during post-surgery recovery slows down the wound from healing.

If you have a fever that is 100 degrees or higher make sure you tell your doctor immediately. This also includes shaking or the chills. If your pain is not relieved by what you are being prescribed, DO NOT take more medicine on your own. Make sure you call your doctor and see what they tell you to do. When trying to relieve discomfort, use heat (a heating pad or a hot towel will work) but make sure that it is not scalding hot and do not put the heat directly on your body. Make sure you put something (like a towel) between you and the heat.

Now that you know what you should do after surgery, here are a few things that you should not do after surgery. Lifting anything is not a good idea but do not lift anything that over 5 pounds. Strenuous exercise is not a good idea. Give your body a chance to heal itself. Rigorous exercising will only prolong your recovery time (if you can even move that quick after surgery.)"  Do not drive. Not only are you uncomfortable after surgery but also you’re on medication! I know there are going to be moans and groans but no alcohol for at least 24 hours after your surgery and especially while you are taking your pain medications. When it comes to the housework, let others help out. Things like vacuuming, laundry, mopping, dusting, etc.,  are a bit too strenuous to do right after your surgery.

You know your body and so does your doctor so the best thing you can do is listen to your doctor and your own body. You will know what is comfortable for you and what is not. The most important thing is to let your body relax and rest. This ensures the quickest and most comfortable recovery time.

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