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With outstanding results, a highly-trained team of medical professionals and individualized care, it’s not surprising that patients of Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery can’t wait to spread the word about us. Since we specialize in actualizing our patients’ cosmetic and reconstructive surgery goals, we provide world-class care. From our attention to detail to our advanced knowledge, we have patients constantly providing us with excellent feedback. Reading through our patient reviews is one of the best ways to gauge our practice to see if Ponte Vedra is right for you. When you are looking for some of the best plastic surgeons in Northeast Florida, we recommend that you read through our patient feedback. 

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Patient Story
Review from D.S.  |  Source: Office Visit  |  Apr 04, 2017

If you read the many great reviews on the PVPS website, you will quickly see a theme echoing the tremendous and unique qualities of the PVPS doctors and staff. But, my wife and I thought that it will be good to share some thoughts from me, the husband…which I am glad to do! From a women’s perspective, the excitement of having this ‘change' sometimes overshadows the skepticism which is generally there with any procedure of this nature; but, for me, it was 'front and center’ because this was more than a cosmetic necessity. My wife's implants were 26 years old, and this alone, created some medical complications in what would normally be a routine procedure. However, she felt she had found the right person in Dr. Sternberg during her initial research on the web, and this was fully confirmed, beyond our expectations, during the consultation. Dr. Sternberg was empathetic about the condition of her old implants, he really listened to her and took the time to understand her fears. Unlike many plastic surgeons whom we have heard of from family members, she was not for going ‘big’. He offered options, and true concern for the athletic and natural physique that she sought. She, and I, were both so relieved to be in the care of a surgeon who really listened, and made every effort to fully understand her expectations. This was all finally confirmed as Diane prepared for the procedure, because the staff was a reflection of him! They were calm, un-rushed, and prepared Diane for the total transformation that was to happen over the next couple of hours, as well as the following days and weeks of her healing. Her ‘shape’ went from distorted, hard, disfigured foreign bodies to natural, healthy, beautiful looking breasts. What, perhaps, is most impressive about Dr. Sternberg, and his staff, is that the care and empathy in their follow-up visits has not diminished. As a husband, who cares about his wife and family deeply, I would recommend to ALL partners of someone who is going through this process, to carefully choose a doctor who not only has the skill sets and staff to complete this procedure, but the passion for detail and basic empathy that is sometimes lost in the healthcare industry today. I believe that if you look around and do you homework, you will find many skilled plastic surgeons, but finding one that is talented, passionate and empathetic to your particular situation will lead you directly to Dr. Sternberg and his staff. Besides the transformation of my wife’s “new self image", is the truly unexpected, more profound closeness that has come to our marriage. We are deeply grateful to Dr. Sternberg and his team! More

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