Connie: Botox is a purified protein and it's a muscle relaxer. It's injected into the muscle. It's taken up by the body within 48 hours and then our body actually uses it up but it has an after effect and the after effect is what we like because it keeps that muscle from moving. This lasts for about three to four months in most people. Claudette: Here at Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery, safety comes first. So at consultation, we always try to emphasize to the patients the importance of being conservative when it comes to their Botox treatments because we can always add more at follow up. I believe that it's really important for patients to be informed and so during your consultation, we would go over what Botox is, who are candidates, what it does, when it starts working, all those different things. Most of the time, what patients tell me is that people tell them, "Oh, have you been on vacation? Have you changed your hairstyle?" Because it's such a natural change in your look, kind of opens your eyes a little bit. Just makes you look rested and those are the types of compliments you want and that's what Botox does. Connie: Botox is mainly used in the forehead area for the lines that we get when raise our eyebrows, in between the eyes, also called the frown line and around the eyes known as a crow's feet lines. Botox is a very easy injection. We use a very small needle. There is no associated downtime with Botox. We injected Botox and you walk out of the office without any telltale signs of having any procedure. It takes about three days for Botox to start working, seven to 14 days for your total effect in most people. Claudette: Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery has an outstanding reputation in Jacksonville, if not the whole Northeast Florida. I believe because we put our patients first. Not only their safety but we treat them as individuals.

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