Breast augmentation is one of the most popular surgeries in plastic surgery. The goal of breast augmentation is to increase the volume of the breast. That means different things to different people. The overriding goal of the augmentation, as opposed to other breast procedures, is to increase the size of the breast. Most women, at some point in their lives, will think in one way or another about their breast size. It seems that no one's perfectly happy with their breast size, whether they're too large or too small or droopy. The best way to decide what the best procedure for you would be, would be to come and visit with a plastic surgeon. He or she will examine you and then you can talk in detail about your specific concerns. The plastic surgeon should help you address those concerns in such a way that it'll meet your goals. The breast augmentation is a procedure that not only enhances breast size but it improves breast shape. Many women aren't that concerned about size, but due to changes from weight loss or pregnancy, they'll lose the breast shape. For example, they may lose some volume in the upper part of the breast and a breast augmentation can be done with a very moderate sized implant that'll enhance that shape. It's not just for women who want to go to a much larger size. In reality, most women who have breast augmentation choose a very modest or moderate size implant and their goal is to improve the breast shaped with maybe a modest increase in the overall size. Many women feel overwhelmed by the apparent number of choices they have when it comes to breast augmentation surgery. We try to simplify that for patients. I explain to them there are really only three choices that need to be made. The first choice is the type of implant, saline versus silicon gel. The second choice is the surgical approach, or the way by which the implant is placed and where the small scar will be. The last choice is implant size. Really, it's only three decisions that we help patients make in the process. With the precise surgical techniques that we use today for breast augmentation surgery, most patients are able to get back to a desk job within three days. I allow patients to resume regular aerobic fitness exercise within two weeks. The only thing we limit more than two weeks is strenuous activities with the upper arms such as weight-lifting, which I usually restrict for a period of four to six weeks. Most patients who come in for breast augmentation are very pleased with the results of their operation. The role of the surgeon in explaining the procedure to them and trying to set reasonable expectations is a very important part of that process. The only way to really determine whether your goals are reasonable and can be achieved is with a physical examination and a thorough consultation with a plastic surgeon. You can learn more about the procedures and services we offer by visiting us online at

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