Patient Video 5

I went to a couple places when I first started to consider having all the surgeries for skin removal and I just felt comfortable with Dr. Rumsey. I felt comfortable with the staff and I felt very comfortable with the facility and the care that they provided, so that's why I chose Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery. My experience and the amount of surgeries that I've had, from gastric bypass to all the skin removal surgeries and everything I've had done, I've gained that confidence level with the surgeon, and that's very important and something you're definitely gonna get here at Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery. I knew what I wanted, and not having to really explain it to the doctor in detail, he know by meeting me and by looking at the problem areas, he knew what I wanted as well and it was just that, I keep saying comfort level, but it's something that when you've been through so many surgeries, you know right away whether you're comfortable with a surgeon or not, and if you're not, don't proceed. But with Dr. Rumsey, there is not alternative. He takes the time. You're definitely gonna be comfortable and it's something that I never regret. I have not regrets, there was no problems with the surgeries, it was just, you know, there was no problems with the staff, not one person. It was just a phenomenal experience from day one til now.

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