Dr. Hickman

Speaker 1: I think differentiates Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery from other plastic surgery practices the amount of physicians we have. There's six of us. You have six board certified plastic surgeons with very prestigious training. All can bounce ideas off of each other. That's a huge advantage. It's almost like a university setting where you have multiple minds and one problem. We have everything from lasers to peels to facelifts to breast reconstruction. I think we, our staff, is unbelievable. I hear constantly how well our patients were taken care of and how they feel cared for. It's actually very rare to be a female plastic surgeon. Only 10% of us are plastic surgeons. I think, as a woman, my male colleagues are wonderful but, as a woman, dealing with breast cancer and then body issues as far as the cosmetics, I felt like was such a wonderful fit for a female. A lot of women feel more comfortable saying, hey, look what happened to my body after kids or how are you going to reconstruct my breast once I have them taken off. My actual favorite part of my entire career is when breast cancer patients wake up after having mastectomy and I get to say "Your lymph nodes were negative." They're so happy. Their family is so happy. I think it's just a really rewarding field.

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