Dr. Sternberg

Dr. Sternberg: The key with our practice is, the level of quality, the level of training, the way that the patients are treated. That's what makes a practice stand out. It's not how much they charge. It's not where they're located. It's the, how the patients are treated, and what the results are. We have an opportunity to change people's lives, whether it's breast reconstruction to cancer. Whether it's facial reconstruction from cancer, or whether it's a tummy tuck, or it's not reconstruction at all. It's cosmetic. It just changes people's lives. They feel more confident. They feel better. They feel sexier, and that's really important. It's a life changer. I think the biggest misconception is that people think that you have to look plastic, look Hollywood, and I think that's wrong. The trend is more subtle, just looking younger and healthier, but not overly done. You want your best friend to say, "Wow, you look great." And not different. Do your homework. Do your research. Think about what procedure you want. Why you want it. The more information you're armed with coming into the consultation the better, and then do your homework on the practice, on the surgeon. That's really important too. I think it's my relationships with the patients, that's the most fun. Seeing that change, that they just feel like they're more rejuvenated. So, it's the kind of experiences and joy that we get, from working with our patients that gives you, keeps you [love 00:01:10] what you do.

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