What Will My Scars Look Like After Open Rhinoplasty?

PVPS Team | 07/13/2021

Nose reshaping surgery can transform the appearance and function of your nose. Learn how we achieve natural rhinoplasty results with minimal scarring.


Three Tips to Get a Good Night’s Sleep After Neck Lift Surgery

PVPS Team | 07/06/2021

Neck lift surgery can treat cosmetic issues such as a turkey neck. Learn how to get a good night's sleep during neck lift recovery at our clinic.


PVPS's own Dr. Burk in Newsweek 2021

PVPS Team | 06/21/2021

Dr. Burk has been featured in Newsweek as one of America's Best Plastic Surgeons in 2021!


Will I See Results Immediately After Chin Lipo?

PVPS Team | 06/15/2021

Chin liposuction can treat unwanted fat in the chin and neck. Learn how fast you can see results after getting fat removal surgery in Jacksonville.


Can Breast Implant Size be Changed the Same Day of Surgery?

PVPS Team | 06/08/2021

Breast augmentation surgery is done using different implant types and sizes. Learn whether you can change your mind about implants at the last moment.


What Age Should I Consider a Mini Facelift?

PVPS Team | 05/14/2021

A mini facelift can address sagging cheeks and other signs of aging. Learn the best age to consider advanced skin tightening surgery in Jacksonville.


How Long Does Swelling From Rhinoplasty Last?

PVPS Team | 05/07/2021

Learning about rhinoplasty recovery helps you to have realistic expectations for your surgery.


What is the Recovery Time for a Neck Lift?

PVPS Team | 04/15/2021

Look younger and transform your profile with a neck lift procedure. What you need to know and can expect with neck lift recovery (time).


How To Decide If Liposuction Is Worth It For You

PVPS Team | 04/06/2021

A closer look at the fundamental aspects of liposuction for patients considering fat removal surgery in Jacksonville, FL


Best Breast Implant Options For Natural-Looking Results

PVPS Team | 03/18/2021

Are you thinking about getting breast augmentation surgery to enhance your figure but prefer a more subtle or natural look? Consider these options.


Surgical Chin Augmentation or KYBELLA®, Where to Start?

PVPS Team | 03/05/2021

Read on to learn more as our team explores chin augmentation with an implant vs. KYBELLA to be better informed about your treatment options.


What is Jeuveau® And How Does it Compare to BOTOX®?

PVPS Team | 02/09/2021

Are you fighting wrinkles but unsure what injectables are right for you? Read on to learn more about the difference between Jeuveau and BOTOX.


Eight Reasons Women Undergo Breast Revision Surgery

PVPS Team | 02/09/2021

Breast revision surgery is not an uncommon procedure for women after their initial augmentation surgery. Read on to learn the reasons why.


Is Nasal Packing Necessary During Rhinoplasty Recovery?

PVPS Team | 01/13/2021

Discover more about rhinoplasty recovery and how nasal packing works, and why, in some instances, it is deemed a necessary part of the process.


Achieve A More Even Skin Tone With Halo Laser Treatment

PVPS Team | 01/07/2021

Halo laser treatment can rejuvenate your skin and even out skin tone. Learn how this innovative procedure can address problems like hyperpigmentation.


What to Do If Your Breast Implant Ruptures

PVPS Team | 12/17/2020

Knowing what to do after a breast implant rupture helps you keep your overall health intact.


Body Contouring Procedures Involved in A Mommy Makeover

PVPS Team | 12/10/2020

When diet and exercise efforts have been exhausted, get your body back with the rejuvenating experience of a mommy makeover.


Is Tummy Tuck Surgery the Solution for Your Back Pain

PVPS Team | 11/20/2020

Tummy tuck surgery involves fat reduction and skin tightening to provide a smoother abdominal contour and address medical issues, like back pain.


Get Rid of Unwanted Chin Fat with KYBELLA®

PVPS Team | 11/11/2020

KYBELLA is an FDA-approved injection that eliminates the appearance of a "double chin" by dissolving stubborn submental fat cells underneath the chin.


What Are The Signs You Have Capsular Contracture?

PVPS Team | 10/27/2020

Make sure you know what warning signs and symptoms to look for that may be indicative of capsular contracture, a breast implant complication.


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